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Our flagship product is so important that it was featured in an ABC Primetime report. ABC news said it sounded too good to be true. Take a look at what they discovered.

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It all started with a discovery: that the human genome has built-in abilities to keep our bodies healthy. And a question: “Is it possible to tell the genome to activate those abilities?”

From that question the science of Nutrigenomics was born. And for the past decade, LifeVantage has been at the forefront, discovering nutrient compounds that can address the leading scientific theories on aging and change the discussion on

LifeVantage Reports $56.1 Million for Q3 2020

We continued to generate strong gains in operating income and adjusted EBITDA.

Protandim(R) Subject of New Peer-Reviewed Study

Important biochemical markers of Aging were decreased by an average of 40%.

Protandim NRF is NSF certified

LifeVantage Corporation Flagship Product, Protandim, Passes Globally Recognized Quality Certification Program

Canine Health Supplement in Dogs

60-days with Canine Health resulted in a significant improvement in overall owner perception of pet behavior.

Protandim® Is Certified by BSCG as Safe

Samples of Protandim® have been analyzed and no prohibited compounds were detected

Does a New Pill Contain the Fountain of Youth

The ingredients in Protandim lowered the test subject’s level of oxidative stress.

LifeVantage Provides Further Information on Additional Studies

Progress on the more than 20 human clinical and laboratory studies involving Protandim®

Protandim® & Dr. Joe McCord Featured in ‘Chasing Life’, by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

This anti-aging best-seller highlights Dr. Joe McCord’s 40 years of breakthroughs in medicine, along with his research and formulation of Protandim NRF2.

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