About Compensation
There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity!
Structure of
Sales Compensation Plan is to pay commissions to LifeVantage Distributors based upon their product sales and the product sales of LifeVantage Distributors in their personal Marketing Organization to ultimate end using customers.
  • Generous Compensation Plan
  • Leveraged Income Opportunity
  • Revenue Sharing Opportunity
Need To Know Terms

Need to know Terms of Compensation that would provide clarity on the structure. When we talk about Volume we are talking about Sales.

PV = Personal

The Volume that you personally purchase and also the volume that your personal customer Purchase Personal.

CV = Commisionable Volume

The Volume Assigned to each Product which is used to determine the commission and bonuses to pay to each distributor.

OV = Organization

The sum of all the volume purchased in your organization which includes every customer and every distributor on your team who orders.

Resource files that would help you to learn more about our compensation structure
Earnings Claim Statement
The Earnings claim statement shows what distributors are making on average.
Compensation Plan Highlights
The Compensation plan highlight document explains the structure of compensation with one example.
Compensation Plan Detail
The Compensation plan detail explains all types of compensation structure in detail with example.

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