Things To Consider Before Joining Network Marketing Business

Who doesn’t like to have an extra source of income or a side hustle that gives you some additional liquidity?

Hundreds of people around the globe jump on to the Network Marketing business every year in the hopes of making the extra money or having the same lifestyle they see of the Network Marketing Professionals or Influencers.

How many of them actually achieve it? Less than 5%, why is that so?

This blog will help you understand why few succeed and why many fail! Let’s break it down on the most logical reasons why many fail:

Unaware of the Why & What

A lot of people get into Network Marketing by following others or basis what they hear. This is the first pitfall, you should never join a business unless you are clear of why you are joining it and having a long term goal.

Understand the business, the products, the service, and what is so different about the company. Check the unique selling propositions that make the business or products sustainable and successful over the long run. Check about the business, competition, and how the product fares against its competitors.

In short, do your ‘Research’.

Ask yourself this question – Will I buy the products myself if someone was selling this to me? Will I buy the products if I come across them in a supermarket store? If your answer is not positive, you know you should not proceed.

Without clarity or in the absence of the long term goal you will never be committed to it or give your best. Thus wasting time, efforts & money!

Unaware of the When

Have clarity on how will you work on the business. How much time will you be able to dedicate to it, even if it is 30 mins to an hour a day, having clarity is important. More than 70% of people sign up in Network Marketing and end up doing absolutely nothing and drop out eventually. And honestly, it is not because they didn’t have time, it was because they never even gave time to think and act on it.

 You miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take!

Unaware of the Where & How

How are you going to propagate about the business or what channels will you use to reach your target customers? Whether you do it in person, over the phone, or use Social Media, have a clear thought about it before you move ahead. Know what your strengths are and how will they benefit you in the business.

Do not leave it to ‘Will figure out later”, because you never will.

Getting into a Business is like a Relationship, you give some you get some.

Never join a business whether part-time, full time or just for making that extra buck without doing proper research, understanding the business, and whether you have the skillsets that complement the business.

Whether it is Network Marketing or any other business, be fully aware of the Why, What, When, Where & How.

Lastly, without committing to the cause and giving it a fair trial, there is no way things will happen on its own. As the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’


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