Can Network Marketing be a full-time job?
Can Network Marketing be a full-time job?

An absolute unequivocal yes! Always start part-time using your network marketing business as a secondary source of income, while studying and learning and becoming a professional in this industry. Traditional business and network marketing are two completely different business models.

To reach your goals/potential you must not only learn this model but more importantly MOVE INTO ACTION to see your results – just like any other traditional business.

It’s important to know YOU CAN build a network marketing business while having a full-time job.

Owning a business is not for everyone. It requires certain skill sets and an ownership mindset. But as far as the “perfect business model” there isn’t any other model that can top the Network Marketing model. Here’s why?

  • Low barrier entry – the cost of starting your network marketing business is low.
  • Cost of doing business is low. My company has one of a kind products (no competition) that my entire family uses and I have a few personal customers
  • Equal playing field – everyone has the same opportunity.
  • Leveraged income
How do I build a network marketing business on the side?
  • Part-time should be your mindset not spare time – you must be consistent with your efforts.
  • You are going to have to make sacrifices. I gave up playing golf and surfing.
  • Plan to use your time efficiently. My best use of time is in my car
One barrier to building a network marketing business?

Most new distributors in network marketing overthink. Simply find out if your friends, family or acquaintances are open. Is there a need for your product or an opportunity?  (side project/hustle) Explore their needs, wants and desires – their dreams. When you genuinely take an interest most are looking for time freedom – time to spend with friends and family and to enjoy life.

Then I say, “Are you open to making money on the side/opportunity/something that has the potential to improve your health?”


Remember there’s no such thing of having no time or I’m too busy. It’s simply being efficient with your time and seeing clearly where you want to go.

Do you have 15 minutes a day? Ten minutes could be spent messaging or calling.

“Hey are you open?”


“I’m sending you a 9 min video.

“No.” That’s fine. Next time, or can I follow up with you in 6 months?

(No’s are temporary)

The number of people you reach out to will dictate your outcome/results. “I always say, “who speaks to the most people wins.”

Life is simple. What you put into a business is what you get out of it. Treat it like a multimillion-dollar business. Become a professional in network marketing and it will pay you like one.  Amateurs have to pay to play. Professionals get paid to play. Always remember, hard work beats talent.

On July 31, 2020, I celebrated 9 years as a full-time network marketer.

– Gabe Pearson (Master Pro 10 – LifeVantage Corporation)

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