Believe & You Are Half Way There

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a Leader.


To make an impact around the globe by locking arms, lifting each other up and connecting, developing a team of servant leaders.


Build a powerful network of like-minded individuals who impact 1 million lives through servant leadership and social entrepreneurship.


As entrepreneurs in the wellness space, we have learned that servant leadership is the path to positively impacting lives around the globe.

About Jill & Gabe

We are determined to provide better physical and financial well-being by making an impact on millions of lives globally by connecting, developing, and serving others. Our leadership mindset has been shaped by mentors and servant leaders who are at the top of their game.

“Servant Leadership is taking your eyes off yourself and connecting and developing others for a greater purpose” – Jill Pearson.

We stand by many of the success principles taught by “Darren Hardy”, keynote speaker, former publisher of “SUCCESS Magazine”, and NY Times best-selling author of “The Compound Effect”.

“Ultimately, the leaders who will succeed going forward will be those who can build leadership in others. Leadership is no longer about getting others to follow you, but building leadership in everyone around you. We do this by developing the mindset and emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management) and skill sets (communication, time management, networking and team-building) so everyone can lead themselves in this constantly changing environment, thus leading the individuals and the organization in the direction of their greater goals.” Darren Hardy

Team Members
Our Journey
Aug 30, 2009 – Enrolled as LifeVantage Distributor
“A stranger, named 'Suzanna Abbott' shared a profound product and business opportunity that has not only impacted our lives but tens of thousands around the globe by ‘The Ripple Effect’. What an incredible business to get into.” - Gabe Pearson
Sept 30, 2009 – Pro 5 within 30 days
Gabe and Jill’s first month at LifeVantage, their new network marketing business, their team’s monthly organization sales volume grows to 20,000 – which moves them to Premier Pro 5.
Gabe Pearson believes his strength in converting pitches and building vision, with the enormity of the flagship product and its opportunity. Gabe passionately says, “Just hang onto my coattails, let’s go have some fun, make a little money and travel the globe together.”
Sept 30, 2010 – Pro 6 within 12 months
Gabe and Jill’s Team continues to grow by learning and successfully adapting to the new business model.
“Being first-timers in network marketing we had to learn a new profession. Traditional Business and Network Marketing Business are polar opposites. Traditional business is about you and Network Marketing Business is not about you. It’s about teaching people to teach people – the phrase I always use, teams win individuals lose.” - Gabe Pearson.
Mar 30, 2011 – Elite Pro 7 within 18 months
Achieving Elite Pro 7 in 18 months with 100,000 in group organizational sales volume becomes a reality once Gabe and Jill identify and work intensely with their key leaders and their team starts to grow outside Florida.
Jill says, “Earning this new Rank at LifeVantage gave us an opportunity to earn a share of one percent of Global Sales of LifeVantage. This milestone really focused us to continue to help others and build this business to the top” - Jill Pearson.
Jul 30, 2011 – Elite Pro 8 within 22 months
With several leaders together, running hard, Gabe and Jill’s team grows to 200,000 in Organizational Sales Volume. The Team continues to identify and develop leaders. Their business now spans the United States and starts to expand internationally.
Gabe says, “After 30 years in the health and wellness industry we made a choice to walk away and fully focus on our LifeVantage business – consistency and hard work does pay off.”
Apr 30, 2012 – Elite Pro 9 within 31 months
“This achievement made us realize the magnitude of this industry and the realization of our purpose: to truly ‘Connect and Impact’ lives around the globe, whether with a smile, a hug, improved health or extra income.” – Jill Pearson. Gabe and Jill attribute this enormous milestone of 500,000 in monthly organization sales volume to additional new Elite leaders. Now, Gabe and Jill Pearson are amongst the top 15 Leaders at LifeVantage.
Mar 30, 2014 – Master Pro 10
In 54 months, with 1 million in monthly sales organizational volume and a team of leaders, including 14 new Elite leaders, Gabe Pearson says, “Think about this accomplishment of the Master Rank, by how many lives we’ve impacted from a physical and financial standpoint - and even more rewarding, we’ve been able to help others reach their goals, to become the best version of themselves – to help make an Impact around the globe."
Our Team

The core of any successful business is its people. We are proud of the people we have met along our journey and together we all have grown, learned & discovered our path to better physical & financial well-being.

Why Our Customers Love Us
20170916_212853 - Carrie Bedard
Carrie Bedard
Connect & Impact
Pro 7

I joined Team Connect & Impact – Lifevantage after being a top 1% income earner in another successful Direct Sales company. I was so impressed with the science-based – peer-reviewed products, the leadership, and the compensation plan (with the ability to earn global shares) that I made a difficult decision to make a change. I do NOT miss home parties, products with competition in big box stores, limited earning in areas of a comp plan, and lack of “teamwork”. I have never looked back!

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